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Decent Tamper

Decent Tamper

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Perfectly fitting espresso tamper every time

Repeatable Tamping

A calibrated 15lb spring ensures identical tamping, even between different people.

Perfectly Vertical Tamps

Using Decent tamper means that sideways tamps are literally impossible.

Avoid Overtamping

Many people press harder than they need to, and thus increase muscle and joint strain, as well as the risk of repetitive stress injury.

Comfortably Solid

Each tamper is made on a computer controlled lathe, not a mold, and the base is accurate to 0.05mm. Our large, rounded handle feels great in the hand.

New in v4

Anti-stick tamping base and refined handle.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dwight Wintringer
Missing Link

I am new into tamping and with a Pro Consumer Espresso machine. I have had my machine for about four weeks now and not totally happy with my shots. I am a researcher, so I got to work and found my "Missing Link" This tamper is the best, it is comfortable in the hand, perfect weight always level and 15lb's of pressure gives my shot the finishing touch that it needed. The customer service is awesome at MiiCoffee and at Decent. I will by more from these two companies and will encourage others as well. These two companies are the real deal and not the overrated over exploited companies that you are just another number at.

Alan Hamacher
Surprisingly Good!

I have to say, I wasn't sure spending this much for a tamper was worth it, but I really like this thing. It makes tamping easy and consistent.

Guy Russell
Novel Tamper

Ingenious but simple design allows for perfectly flat tamper each time.