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MiiCoffee DF64P Premium Single Dose Espresso Grinder

MiiCoffee DF64P Premium Single Dose Espresso Grinder

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    MiiCoffee DF64P Premium single dose coffee grinder is designed for espresso only. It has less range in the grind size adjustment, which is designed to allow for more fine tuning of the grind size. The grinder features the wood accents. It comes with Italian made ItalMill 64mm titanium coated flat burrs. This grinder has delivers true zero retention without help of bellow. The low clumping design reduces clumping during the grinding cycle providing for a even grinds distribution out of exit chute. 

    Features and Specifications

    • Stainless Steel 64mm Flat Burrs Custom designed stainless steel 64mm flat burrs. Blend perfectly between body and clarity. Upgradable to SSP burrs easily.
    • 58mm Transparent Food Grade Dosing Cup. While a portafilter can be used in the portafilter rest, it is best to use the dosing cup, especially if your portafilter isn’t 58mm. Dosing cup made of food-safe materials is transparent design, the regrind can be seen at all times.
    • True Zero Retention <0.1 gram. Blow-out funnel, with lid to completely empty the dead space.
    • Low Clumping Design: It's designed to reduce clumping during the grinding cycle providing for a even grinds distribution.
    • Stepless Adjustment: Fine grind adjustment dedicated for espresso
    • Bean Hopper Capacity: 50 grams without bellow, 70 grams with bellow
    • Anti-Popcorn Hopper: grind fast than ever and can also be
      used to put your dose of coffee beans into after being weighed out
    • Aluminum body with metallic black finishing 
    • Weight 14lbs
    • Motor 250W
    • AC Input 100-120v/60Hz
    • Compact size 7.3” L, 4.7” W, 13.4” H fits under any kitchen cabinet.
    • One year warranty with MiiCoffee

    What's in the box

    • DF64P Single Dose Espresso Grinder
    • Bellow
    • Transparent Dosing Cup
    • Metal Dosing Collar
    • New Anti-Popcorn Hopper
    • Manual



    DF64P DF64
    General Designed for espresso only. It has less range in the grind size adjustment. It's designed to allow for more fine tuning of the grind size. Works for a wide range of coffees and methods
    Stock burrs Custom made 64mm stainless steel flat burrs Custom made 64mm stainless steel flat burrs
    Grind size adjustment Adjusts the bottom burr Adjusts the top burr
    Accent Standard wood accents N/A
    Color Colored coating Colored vinyl wrap
    Main Body Vertical Tilted forward
    Size More compact design and smaller footprint Normal
    Anti-Popcorn Hopper Included N/A




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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Vinicius Domingues Campos
      Zero retention, all good

      Beautiful machine, zero retention, easy to use. Still working on consistency and a fixed receipt. The only concern is about seeing all those videos on youtube teaching how to zero it and adjust grounds size and I wonder if all that is really necessary. Nothing of that is stated on the manual.

      Pallav Mehta
      Happy with it overall

      New to the world of making espresso at home and super happy with this purchase. Makes the daily espresso making experience quite wonderful. The only cons are some messiness from the static and removing the wooden cap on top is a little clunky.

      Comparable to Niche

      I have two homes and for many years brought a hand grinder back and forth for making espresso. Then a few years ago I got the Niche and the hand grinder stayed in the second home. I couldn’t justify spending $700+ on a second grinder and so did my research and the DF64P ticked all my boxes. I’m using the titanium burr set that came with the grinder and so far quite happy. If you’re only making espresso drinks, I think it’s comparable to the Niche.

      Erik Scheibert
      OK, but sketchy

      Had the DF64P for a couple of weeks and my experience so far has been varied. I upgraded from a Settle 270W that has been working well but my desire to try different espressos makes the workflow challenging. In that respect the DF64P is great.
      My concern is that I initially dial in my main espresso at setting 32 for 18g in, 38g out, in 32 seconds - close to perfect. After trying a bunch of other espresso my settling was getting close to 15. Going back to my baseline espresso I had to set it at 15 to achieve 18in, 38 out, 32 seconds. Few days later, I now need to set it at 12. At this rate I will be at 0 by May.
      Also, this should ship with a small spray bottle, it is a must.

      Mike O
      Good for beginners but...

      This is my first grinder and was told this was the best grinder for it's price. I didn't know until watching a video that the entire grind settings are for espresso only which is ok for me because I only use it for espresso but would've been good to know before trying to dial in the settings assuming the coarse setting were for drip coffee when it can actually not be enough for dark roasts. Once knowing this, it was much easier to work with as a true beginner to grinding and making espresso.

      The grinder does make a squealing noise when I move the setting lower than 20 as if the burrs are grinding against each other.

      Also, the grind cup and collar to do not fit each other. The collar circumference is smaller than the cup thus it does not sit properly. I emailed MiiCoffee customer service and they said they will send a replacement. It is yet to be received.