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Decent Portafilter Basket

Decent Portafilter Basket

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The best portafilter basket will help you make excellent espresso

This portafilter basket transforms your espresso machine into a device for making pour-overs.

The pattern, holes and spacing have been designed by Scott Rao. This basket shoots calibrated water streams, which create circular vortex in your coffee grounds. The streams have been calibrated to dive far into the coffee grounds, but not so far as to channel through the filter.

The end result is low-channeling/high-extraction-rate pour over coffees, totally automated and dependable. With an espresso machine.

You can use this basket on any espresso machine, as long as you can use 58mm standard baskets.

Even keeled under pressure

If the holes in your basket are not exactly the same size, high pressure water during espresso making will rush toward the bigger holes, causing channeling and side extraction. Your coffee will taste weak and bitter.

A neglected component

You'd be surprised to find out that even expensive espresso machines have neglected this little piece of metal, and manufacture it using cheap, inexact methods.

The perfect hole size

If you get the hole size just right, you get a gorgeous, full mouthfeel. You'll also see a kind of chocolate-powder top to your shot, from the right amount of smaller particles, called "fines", making their way into your drink.

Standard sized

Fits most 58mm portafilters. Known to work with machines from Breville, Sage, La Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli, Slayer, Synesso, Faema, La Cimbali, Rancilio.

Guaranteed for life

If you ever have any problems with our basket, send us a photo and we'll replace it free of charge.



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Customer Reviews

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RObert Laskey
Didn't Like it

Holes bigger than IMS basket, had to increase grind fineness. Not as much crema as IMS and less complexity to the espresso. Its in the drawer with other unused baskets.