How to deal with DF64V stall Issue at low RPMs

How to deal with DF64V stall Issue at low RPMs

Some people might experience stalls when using DF64V at low RPMs e.g. 600 - 800. Here is the list of things that you can go through.

  • Check if your grinder is an early production batch 

We sold 20 units of DF64V in the early production batch. You can check the SN to decide if your DF64V is an early batch or not. If the last 5 digitals of the SN is more than 20 then your unit has the newer version of the control board. If your SN is less than 20 please contact us and we will send you a new control board.


  • Try hot start to grind beans

DF64V is using the DC motor. The nature of DC motor is that it doesn't have enough torque in low rpms. To work around the issue you can try to turn on the motor first and then pour in the beans. It should help work around low torque issue.

  • Install a slow feeder

You can also install a slow feeder to see if it improves. Please use the web from to contact us and let us know your order number and shipping address. We will send you the slow feeder.

  • If hot start doesn't work then the only option is to increase RPMs

The only option to increase torque is to increase rpms. If you are grinding beans for espresso it's recommended that you run grinder at 1400 rpms. A good body espresso needs bipolar distribution of particles. Running at high rpms gives you both fines and some coarse grinds. If you are grinding for brewing coffee and prefer light roast beans you might have a hard time to resolve the stall issue. This grinder might not fit your preference. Please contact us to initiate the return process. 

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