MiiCoffee Warranty

We offer 1 year warranty service for all of our products. We also offer extended warranty for some of our products. The extended warranty must be purchased when you purchase new products. There is no need to register for warranty. Your order# is the proof to get warranty service. This includes Amazon order#. 

What is covered in warranty service?

  • The product must be considered in the normal use. 
  • Installation SSP burrs or any third party compatible burrs as long as grinding chamber or top burr carrier is not damaged
  • 3rd party chute, declumper or other accessories that don't modify the grinder body

What is NOT covered in warranty service?

  • Product is modified and cannot be restored back to the factory setting.
  • The threading of grinder collar is stripped. This usually happened when improper handling with extensive force.
  • Wear and tear parts. Please get from our parts category.

What is the process and shipping fee for warranty service?

You send the product to us at your own cost. You can also request us for a return label at a cost (we usually have a better rates). We will repair or replace it. After repair we send it back to you and shipping cost is on us. 

To request warranty service please simply reply to the order email. If you purchase from Amazon please use contact us web form and fill out your Amazon order# and your shipping address.