How to fix static issue in DF64 grinder

How to fix static issue in DF64 grinder

If you have a coffee grinder that starts creating a lot of statics it's probably due to the de-clumper being bent. Here is an example of the grinder that is having static issue.


Here is the steps to fix the issue.

1. Open up exit chute and check the de-clumper

If you have DF64 please jump the below video to 3:20 and follow the instructions to open up the de-clumper.

2. Check and fix de-clumper

The de-clumper should be two pieces. Check if there is any bent plastic piece. See the following photo for an example of the de-clumper that is having issue. Basically coffee grinds bypass the de-clumper and enter into dosing cup or dosing funnel directly, thus cause static.

If this is the case please use your finger and bend the plastic piece back into good position. See the following photo.

3. Install the good de-clumper back into the grinder.

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