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MiiCoffee D40+ Single Dose Coffee Grinder

MiiCoffee D40+ Single Dose Coffee Grinder

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MiiCoffee D40+ coffee grinder is an entry level single dose coffee grinder. It comes with stainless steel 40mm conical burrs that deliver a consistent grind with minimal clumping. The forward tilted aluminum body helps reduce retention. This small coffee grinder has clean design. Using aluminum as main body material it has an attractive price tag but doesn't sacrifice the build quality. D40+ now has stepless adjustment and helps dial in espresso with ease. The 58mm aluminum dosing cup has a magnetic bottom and it sits on the grinding seat firmly. The patterns on the side of the dosing cup gives a nice grip when you hold it. There is a ridge on close to the top of dosing cup. It can rest on top of 58mm Portafilter. It allows moving grinding to portafilter without mess.

Features and Specifications

  • 40mm Conical Burrs Stainless steel 40mm conical burrs. 
  • Stepless Adjustment. It delivers ideal adjustment for all kinds of coffee from fine to coarse, espresso, filter coffee and French press. Stepless adjustment makes dialing in espresso shot with ease.
  • 58mm Aluminum Dosing Cup The 58mm aluminum dosing cup has a magnetic bottom and it sits on the grinding seat firmly. The patterns on the side of the dosing cup gives a nice grip when you hold it.
  • Low Retention with Bellow. Use bellow to completely empty the dead space in the grinding chamber.
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 70 grams with bellow
  • Aluminum body with powder coating
  • Weight 6lbs
  • Motor 150W
  • AC Input 100-120v/60Hz
  • Compact size 6.8” L, 3.8” W, 14” H fits under any kitchen cabinet.
  • One year warranty with MiiCoffee

What's in the box

  • MiiCoffee D40+ Single Dosing Coffee Grinder
  • Bellow
  • Metal Dosing Cup
  • Brush
  • Manual


Notice: D40+ grinders are gone through the real grinding test by the manufacturer before shipping out. This is indeed brand new. The manufacturer tries to clean up as much as possible. But there might be some coffee grinds left in the grinding chamber.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
George Brady
Nice mid-level grinder

Bought the D40+ grinder from MiiCoffee back in Dec 2023. I wanted to give myself some quality time with it. I have to say I am pleased with the purchase - quality build. Well put together and solid. Listen this is not a $500 grinder but it certainly comes close in quality and grind. It does have quite a bit of retention and does NOT have the anti-static feature of models higher-up in the MiiCoffee line. Regardless I am happy with the purchase - I like espresso - I like espresso drinks with dairy - this grinder does what it was designed to do - a decent grind and nice flavor. I recommend YMMV. Note the burrs are not changeable.

Russel McDonald
Quiet precision grinder that steps up your espresso quality a good notch

Once I switched to this MiiCoffee D40 grinder I immediately could detect a better tasting espresso. As well it allowed for more precise and consistent control over grind size for experimenting. My previous grinder (common brand) did a good job, but it was difficult to get a consistent grind across time or finer control. The D40 conversely provides consistency AND finer control. As well the leaning design and bellows to blow out most of the remaining coffee after each grind is a great addition to reduce frequency of cleaning. And finally, now I don't wake up everyone in the house first thing in the morning with the previous loud grinder.

Krystle Peralta
Quick, Easy and simple

It only took me 3 troubleshooting to get my grind right. I absolutely love this product so far. I love that it’s also single since I’m the only one who drinks coffee in the house. It’s perfect! Thank you for creating this product! It’s exactly how want my grinder to be :)


MiiCoffee D40+ Single Dose Coffee Grinder

Excellent grinder with stylish exterior

I really like the style of the grinder, it's very easy to keep on the counter. It's quality metal body tells me it will last forever. The single dose is all I need since I'm the only one drinking coffee in the home. It's not too loud, it was quieter than expected. It works great, grinding beans at different settings for different applications. I have it set to 3.5 or so for espresso and all the way at the max on the dial for french press.