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MiiCoffee Nano Coffee Scale with Timer

MiiCoffee Nano Coffee Scale with Timer

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MiiCoffee Nano Coffee Scale fits in your palm and most espresso machines. It gives split second readings with measurements up to 3 pounds, in 0.1-gram intervals. It includes a built-in timer that’s been optimized for pour-over coffee. The tiny Scale is equipped with invisible LED screen and hidden touch control. Use it to weigh out your grounds and then activate the built-in timer to track your slow-but-steady spiral pour. It’s not just for coffee. You can use it to weigh out ingredients for sourdough, measure a perfect serving of almonds, and more. Plus, it weighs in grams, ounces and mls, has an auto shut-off to save battery life, and features a smooth, flat surface that simply wipes clean.


  • Tiny scale fits in your palm and most espresso machines
  • PR1 Espresso ModeIn PR1 Espresso Mode the scale starts weighting and timer automatically once it senses the first drip of coffee. Please check the video for demo.
  • Clean minimalist design makes it easy to clean and just as easy to store
  • Provides split-second precision with measurements up to 3 lbs and measures in 0.1-gram intervals; also works in ounces and mls
  • Built-in timer optimized for pour-over coffee
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion using Type-C charging port
  • Auto shut-off saves battery life


  • Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 3.7 x 0.7 inches; 7 ounces
  • Units: g / oz / ml
  • Weighing Resolution: 0.1 g
  • Weighing Max: 3lbs
  • Battery: 800mah rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Charging Port:  Type-C USB

What's in the box

  • Digital coffee Scale
  • Silicone Pad
  • Type-C USB charging cable
  • Manual


  • How to charge the scale?
Please make sure scale is turned on.
Use USB charger that provides 5V and 1A. 
  • How to do I switch mode between PR1 and PR2?
Double tap the time button twice (4 taps).



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mike F.
Nice quality for a good price

Does just what I need it to. I weigh my grounds, then time and weigh my shot. The scale knows just when to tare and reset, so I don't need to push any buttons except to turn it on at the beginning and off at the end.

Cindy Shaw
Disappointing Lag

This scale might be fine for static measurements, but the lag is so bad it is unusable for output from the machine. Any slight nudge causes the scale to reset and ignore what is already on it and partway through measuring. I may find a use for it in my kitchen, but it won’t be used for making espresso.

You might have a defected unit. Please contact us to switch to a new unit. The scale is fast.

David Lyons
Great scale

I bought this to replace a brewista scale which I had owned for about 5 years. I’m only using the weighing function since my Decent DE1 uses Bluetooth. However if you don’t need Bluetooth this scale is a great option using the scale timer and weight.
A great scale at a great price and fast friendly service.

Pretty good Scale for the Price

Because I'm not ready to spend $200 on a scale I thought I would give this one a shot. I like the size and the display. I also like the auto tare feature and automatic timer. What is a bit disappointing is that the scale issomewhat finicky. At times the auto start function freezes and if you touch the sides of the scale, for any reason while it is turned on, the display changes up in a variety of ways. 90% of the time everything works just fine. But when it doesn't it's frustrating.

giles la rock
fantastic scale at a great price

This scale works perfectly with the Flair 58. Also the bright readout on the scale is very helpful for my old eyes.