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SSP High-Uniformity Espresso Grinding 64mm Flat Burrs (Red Speed Coated)

SSP High-Uniformity Espresso Grinding 64mm Flat Burrs (Red Speed Coated)

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SSP’s 64 mm flat burrs were made to last a lifetime. Comprised of tool steel material coated with Red Speed Titanium Aluminum Carbon Nitride (TiAICN), you can expect these burrs to last through over 10,000 pounds of coffee before needing a new pair. 

SSP 64mm High-Uniformity Red Speed burr set increases grind speed and the extraction quality of your espressos. They are designed for the Mazzer Super Jolly, Option-O Lagom P64 and many other 64mm flat burr espresso grinders e.g DF64. The Follow Ode grinder is not compatible with this product although the SSP Multipurpose burr is an alternative.

SSP’s unique geometrical cutting patterns are engineered for optimal grinding performance for all types of coffee brewing. The High-Uniformity 64mm burr set will immediately improve the quality of your espresso extractions and, in many cases, drastically increase the speed of your grind. The 64mm High-Uniformity Red Speed burr set is a great choice for those who primarily brew espresso, but they will also produce an impressive grind quality for pour over. 

Compatible With

  • DF64, DF64P, DF64E
  • Option-O Lagom P64
  • Mazzer Super Jolly and Mini-E
  • Anfim Caimano and CODY II
  • Ceado E5PE6P, and E37J



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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Robert B Sykes
Excellent for pour-over as well.

SSP recommends their Unimodal burrs for brewed coffee, and I have both those and these “Red Espresso” burrs. For the medium, full city, and dark roasts that I prefer, I like these burrs better than the Unimodal ones. These burrs provide a more complex flavor when using a relatively course grind that I prefer for darker roast coffees. (I’m brewing mostly V-60 pour over). As an aside, the standard stainless steel burrs supplied recently with the P-64 grinder that I’m using do a great job for brewed coffee as well, although not quite as good at these. Another benefit is that these burrs grind very fast and extremely quietly using a low r.p.m. such as #3 on the P-64. The lifetime of projected longevity is yet one more bonus. Highly recommended.

Great upgrade!

I have a Lagom P64 which I upgraded with these burrs. The flavor for light roasts is far superior to the stock burrs. There also is not a loss of texture which I experienced with the Unimodal burrs. I would highly recommend these!

Brad Franks
Excellent upgrade to my Mazzer

Upgraded my Mazzer Mini with replacement Super Jolly upper and lower burr carriers, then added these burrs. Excellent results, grinds are more consistent which give me a wider range of adjustment for my finicky Gaggia Classic.

Chito Aldrin Velez
Authentic SSP burrs.

These burrs show different flavor profile which favors medium to dark roast.
Now I need the UM burrs when drinking lighter roasts.

Abdurrahman Nashit
Great burrs

After getting these burrs for the DF64 I ran about a pound of poorly home roasted beans (purchased and roasted only to cheaply season the burrs) to season the burrs and then made a pourover. It was the best pourover I'd made yet, quite an improvement over the stock italmill burrs. The espresso has been great as well.