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SSP High-Uniformity Espresso Grinding 64mm Flat Burrs (Red Speed Coated)

SSP High-Uniformity Espresso Grinding 64mm Flat Burrs (Red Speed Coated)

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SSP HU (High-Uniformity) Espresso Grinding 64mm Flat Burrs' custom geometrical cutting patterns are engineered for optimal grinding performance for espresso. They are designed for espresso with a high degree of uniformity, allowing for the extraction of the most intense and flavorful coffee. The High-Uniformity 64mm burrs improve the quality of espresso extractions and drastically decrease grinding time. The 64mm High-Uniformity Red Speed burr set is ideal for those who primarily brew espresso, but they will also produce an decent grind quality for pour over.

SSP 64mm High-Uniformity Red Speed burr set were made to last a lifetime. Comprised of tool steel material coated with Red Speed Titanium Aluminum Carbon Nitride (TiAICN), you can expect these burrs to last through over 10,000 pounds of coffee before needing a new pair. 

SSP 64mm High-Uniformity Red Speed burrs are compatible for the Mazzer Super Jolly, Option-O Lagom P64 and many other 64mm flat burr espresso grinders e.g DF64 series and Fellow Ode.

Compatible With

  • DF64, DF64P, DF64E, DF64V
  • Option-O Lagom P64
  • Mazzer Super Jolly and Mini-E
  • Anfim Caimano and CODY II
  • Ceado E5PE6P, and E37J
  • Fellow Ode (newer version)



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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Walter Lewis
I ordered the 64mm and really needed the 58mm.

My Mazzer Mini is an earlier model that has 58mm flat burrs. I had to order the 58mm burrs from the manufacturer.

Randall Spratt
New life for my Ceado

I was getting mixed consistency with my 6 year old stock burrs. Switched to the SSP Espresso burrs and my shots are now consistent, and the taste has improved considerably.

Ardy Hagen
Excellent store

I ordered some 64 mm ssp burrs…. Am very satisfied. They seem to have a good selection of other products

Robert B Sykes
Excellent for pour-over as well.

SSP recommends their Unimodal burrs for brewed coffee, and I have both those and these “Red Espresso” burrs. For the medium, full city, and dark roasts that I prefer, I like these burrs better than the Unimodal ones. These burrs provide a more complex flavor when using a relatively course grind that I prefer for darker roast coffees. (I’m brewing mostly V-60 pour over). As an aside, the standard stainless steel burrs supplied recently with the P-64 grinder that I’m using do a great job for brewed coffee as well, although not quite as good at these. Another benefit is that these burrs grind very fast and extremely quietly using a low r.p.m. such as #3 on the P-64. The lifetime of projected longevity is yet one more bonus. Highly recommended.

Great upgrade!

I have a Lagom P64 which I upgraded with these burrs. The flavor for light roasts is far superior to the stock burrs. There also is not a loss of texture which I experienced with the Unimodal burrs. I would highly recommend these!