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SSP LS (Lab Sweet) 83mm Flat Burrs (Silver Knight Coated)

SSP LS (Lab Sweet) 83mm Flat Burrs (Silver Knight Coated)

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SSP LS (Lab Sweet) 83mm Flat Burrs feature a custom geometry design, similar to the burrs found in the Ditting 807 Lab Sweet. The burrs are designed to provide a sweet and complex flavor profile, good body, and mouthfeel that is difficult to obtain with blades processed in the brewing range. The burr set delivers an optimal particle size spread within the grounds and achieve a consistent extraction and more sweetness.

These burrs are made from cast steel and have a DLC (diamond-like carbon coating). It helps increase the lifespan of the burr set and the low coefficient of DLC coating makes low retention and keeps the sweetness of your coffee. These burrs really shine when brewing pour-overs and can also be used for espresso. 


  • Special Geometry  Special burr geometry reminiscent of the Ditting Lab Sweet 
  • Silver Knight Coating Silver Knight DLC coating for increased lifespan.

Compatible With

  • DF83, DF83V
  • Niche Due
  • Ceado: E37S, E37SD, E37SL
  • Mazzer: Major V, ZM



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Customer Reviews

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Favorite SSP Burrs!

I really love these burr geometry at this 83mm presentation. They produce the most enjoyable espressos with light roast and light-medium too. It mellows acidity and enhances mid range flavors. Body texture is good too.