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MiiCoffee DF64 II Single Dose Coffee Grinder

MiiCoffee DF64 II Single Dose Coffee Grinder

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ETA Date: Oct 20, 2023.
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MiiCoffee DF64 II single dose coffee grinder is complete re-design of the old populate DF64 grinder. It integrated the best elements from DF64V and DF83. The three seated position for the upper burr carrier integrated wave spring makes the grinding chamber  absolutely stable. At the same time it achieves minimal retention at the new level. The exit chute is equipped with plasma generator (aka Ionizer) that reduces static to non-existent. DF64 II now comes with custom made stainless steel 64mm flat burrs that deliver a fluffy grind with minimal clumping and consistent particle size distribution. The integrated Anti-popcorn cover help increase grinding speed.

Features and Specifications

  • 64 mm Grinding Custom made 64mm stainless steel flat burrs. Upgradable to SSP burrs for different coffee tastes.
  • Plasma Generator (aka Ionizer) The exit chute is equipped with plasma generator (aka Ionizer). It reduces static to non-existent.
  • Anti-Popcorn The integrated Anti-Popcorn ring prevents beans from jumping and helps increase grinding speed.
  • 58mm Food Grade Aluminum Dosing Cup. Now comes with 58mm food grade aluminum dosing cup. While a portafilter can be used in the portafilter rest, it is best to use the dosing cup, especially if your portafilter isn’t 58mm. Dosing cup is made of food grade aluminum.
  • True Zero Retention <0.1 gram. Even without bellow this grinder reaches almost zero retention. Blow-out funnel, with lid to completely empty the dead space.
  • Stepless Adjustment. Redesigned dial is wrapped with chrome. The included metal indicator makes grind size so much easy to adjust. The adjustment is stepless. It can be dialed in for espresso with high precision.
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 30 grams without bellow, 80 grams with bellow
  • Aluminum body with powder coating finishing 
  • Weight 15lbs
  • Motor 250W
  • AC Input 100-120v/60Hz
  • Size 10” L, 5” W, 12” H fits under any kitchen cabinet.
  • One year warranty with MiiCoffee


General Works for a wide range of coffees and methods e.g. filter coffe and espresso Designed for espresso only. It has less range in the grind size adjustment. It's designed to allow for more fine tuning of the grind size. Works for a wide range of coffees and methods e.g. filter coffe and espresso
Stock burrs Custom made 64mm stainless steel flat burrs Custom made 64mm stainless steel flat burrs DLC Coated 64mm Flat Burrs
Motor AC 250W AC 250W DC Brushless 300W
RPMs Fixed at 1400 Fixed at 1400 Variable from 600 to 1800
Size Normal Normal Compact

What's in the box

  • MiiCoffee DF64 II Single Dosing Coffee Grinder
  • Bellow & Wood lid
  • Metal Dosing Cup & Dosing Ring
  • Manual






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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 59 reviews
    Aaron J
    Great grinder.

    Very happy with it so far. Build quality is solid, the workflow is straightforward, and the coffee is excellent. Nearly zero retention with use of the bellows. I do think the bellows are necessary to avoid retention, exchange, etc., but its no hassle at all to pump them a few times at the end of a (very fast) grind.

    I had the SSP Cast installed and aligned by MiiCoffee. I think the burrs may need a bit more seasoning to come into their own, but they were definitely tasty out of the box.

    I suspect the ion generator is helping, but there is still some mess, especially at coarser grind settings. (I don’t use RDT, which I suspect would help.) But it’s still loads cleaner than my Baratza Encore was, and it’s easy to keep the coffee station clean with a bit of brushing as part of my workflow.

    Luke was communicative throughout the process, including sending me a photo of the alignment test before shipping the grinder and answering my questions promptly. Excellent customer support from MiiCoffee.

    Sergei Chaban
    I love it

    Have a little mess since even grinding even for espresso gives a bit of static that make some particles stick to the grinder. Otherwise it just awesome. Highly recommend.

    Ryan Ketterl

    I'm impressed with the quality of materials, details, and weight. Things like the metal anti-popcorn device and aluminum dosing cup are nice touches. Coming from a Baratza Virtuoso (conical burrs). This DF64 is so much faster and uniform than the Baratza. New anti-static features seem to work well, but I always RDT anyway. Good communication and shipping from Miicoffee!

    Mark Shaffer

    No regrets buying this. As others have said it can be a little messy, but no biggie. Really sick grinder. Love every second using it.

    A simple machine

    I have been using this grinder for a few weeks now. As others have said, can be messy, especially with the static of courser grinds. However, after dialing in my coffee’s, I’m able to quickly single dose a bold roast espresso for myself, a decaf espresso for my wife, and later do a pour-over, all with the same machine. Make sure you have a scale or you may have trouble with espresso consistency. Overall, I’m very pleased with this simple machine and would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile grinder.

    Oh yeah, this video is great for getting it set-up out of the box: