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MiiCoffee Apex Espresso Machine

MiiCoffee Apex Espresso Machine

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ETA Date: Jun 07, 2024.

MiiCoffee Apex is prefect for the beginner looking for an entry-level semi-automatic espresso machine. It has a compact footprint for new home baristas. The espresso machine uses a Italian made vibratory pump, a built-in PID with temperature control, a shot timer. Apex comes with a 550ml stainless steel boiler for brewing espresso and a dedicated thermo-block for making dry steam. It targets brewing espresso at 9 bars with pressure gauge showing the extra brewing pressure. It also includes time adjustable pre-infusion so that intermediate baristas can gain more control into espresso making. Apex uses stainless steel inside out extensively. This is to ensure longevity without sacrificing quality. 

Features and Specifications

  • 550ml Stainless Steel Boiler & Dedicated Thermo-block It comes with 550ml stainless steel boiler for brewing espresso and a dedicated thermo-block for making dry steam.
  • PID Temperature Control & Shot Timer Apex has a PID that allows you to adjust brewing temperature. When it starts brewing it displays shot time. The boiler temperature can be set between 85-102℃.
  • Pressure Gauge MiiCoffee Apex brews espresso at 9 bar. It comes with a pressure gauge showing the extra brewing pressure. The heart of MiiCoffee Apex is an Italian made vibratory water pump. It ensures longevity without sacrificing quality.
  • Pre-infusion Pre-infusion is now supported. The time for pre-infusion is adjustable.
  • Stainless Steel 58mm Commercial Portafilter Apex comes with dual cup stainless steel 58mm commercial grade portafilter.
  • Commercial Grade Steam Wand Steam Wand is commercial grade quality. The tip has single hole that make silky creamy milk. 
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Nice brushed stainless steel finish 
  • Fast Warm-up Time Just 5 minutes to warm up fully to pull a shot 
  • 3-way Solenoid Valve Release pressure instantly and keep coffee puck dry
  • Removable Drip Tray
  • Top Cup Warming Plate 
  • Water Tank 1.7L removable water tank
  • Wattage 1450W
  • AC Input 100-120v/60Hz
  • Size 11” D, 9” W, 15” H
  • Weight 23lb
  • One year warranty with MiiCoffee

What's in the box

  • MiiCoffee Apex Espresso Machine
  • 58mm double spouted portafilter, double basket, single basket
  • Single hole steam wand tip
  • Tamper, grouphead brush
  • Manual



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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Norman Caetano
Does more than I expected.

Temp. replacement for my dual boiler Quick Mill. Took some time to dial in.Was using Italian coffee that was just about up, so original tight grind got me 12 bars which was perfect for coffee on its last grounds. New coffee dialing is a little touchy. Get consistent extraction between 9 and 10 bars.Shorter brew time than QM machine. I go by quantity brewed. Machine heats up fast and has an ECO mode to turn down heat if not in use. Portafilter is a little tight on first few uses, and is very light compared to others I have. Put in better basket an am getting beautiful coffee. Steaming milk took some time to get right. Purge puts out a lot of water and there is some water when steaming.Takes longer that double boiler but the result, if careful, is super smooth and microfoamy with single hole tip. Had to use pliers to get 3 hole tip off and to tighten new tip, but after little leaning curve got it down. Turned down water flow to 4 ml p/sec. May turn up for more flavorful extraction. You tube videos really helped to learn about machine. Very nice for price, PID and shot timer very helpful. First machine was an original Sylvia so I learned to temp surf. So glad temp stable here. Very nice little machine, easy to keep clean.

Jon L.
Great Espresso Machine

This is my first real espresso machine and it’s turned out pretty easy to use. The instructions are a little convoluted but ultimately make sense. I requested and received a new installed control board to address a PID issue. I’m still going back and forth between grind size, PID time, and brew time to get to the right mix annd after about 10 cups I’m getting close. Agree with others that the clearance under the Porta filter is too small, the Porta filter head is solid and heavy but the handle itself and the end is plastic. The end knob popped off on first use. The espresso has been excellent. I haven’t tried the steamer yet. We’ll see about longevity but I strongly recommend this machine.


This is the new $500 King. With a DF64 you're out <$1k for a fantastic espresso setup.

I love the support from MiiCoffee, they included a free upgrade in mine and are shipping me another (again free). I also love that the group is 58mm and has the standard portafilter shape. Everything is compatible!

I like the PID, pressure gauge, included portafilter, and steam power.

I don't like the aesthetics of the steam knob, the drip tray, or the cup clearance with the included spouted portafilter.

I'm still giving 5 stars because the value for money is off the charts. The closest competitor, the Profitec Go, is over $1k by itself, and doesn't have the separate thermoblock for steam.

Nice machine for the price

I’ve had this machine for three months now and would agree with others that a bottomless portafilter basket is nice quick upgrade. Turning the flow rate down has helped dial in a good shot. The warm up time is 5-7 minutes. I wish the steam wand came with a single, pro-wand, hole rather than the 3 hole, this would help
with pressure and control of foam. The first few times it took a while to purge the line before frothing milk. Now I consistently get 2g of water in the purge before getting steam and haven’t had issues with too much water as long as you wait for the machine to heat up first. I don’t use the auto pre-infusion and just hit the middle button for 2.5-3 sec and then wait to pull the shot.
So far this has been a nice machine for the price and will follow up with posts about longevity in the future. Thanks MiiCoffee for a very nice entry level machine to get my morning fix!

Really nice Espresso machine!

I like the looks and it WIPES the Giggia classic pro. So much functionality! The PID works great, you can steam literally 3 seconds after pulling your shot. The steaming isn't as good as my Profitec 500, but that's almost a 2 Grand machine! Need practice on steaming, haven't tried the 1 whole tip yet. As far as the pressure, the 15 bar is the maximum and what you get with a bLind basket. BUT ... when you put the espresso in, turn down the screw to lower the flow, I can easily get 7-9 bars (or any other value). So .... PID that works, no problems with high pressure, the USABLE startup time from cold (using the bottomless portafilter from Profitec) of approx 9 to 10 min, what's not to love?! My stupid pre-sales questions are always quickly answered graciously. Shipping was superfast. I suppose the final question will be the longevity. I can't say, but, for the most part it feels solid and I xn always swap out a part if necessary.